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City Government





Oroville City Council

Tuesday, May 16, 2023 ~ 7 pm

Call in number:  800-366-4519

For those calling in, please remember to mute your phone unless speaking.

Disruption of the meeting through the call-in service could result in

disconnection of the call during the meeting.

 1.   Call to order.  Pledge of Allegiance.

 2.   Copies of May 2nd meeting minutes to be read (Attach A)


 3.   Scheduled Appearances:

 4.   Old Business:


TIB / Seal Coat Project Update / Bid Award Recommendation Letter (Attach B)


TIB / Ironwood Street Improvement Project

  • Consultant Agreement with SCJ Alliance (Attach C1)
  • Email from Dave Allen, PE / SCJ Alliance (Attach C2)


Civic Room Use Policy / Application Update (Attach D)


Oroville Senior Center Proposed Agreement Update (Attach E)


Animal Ordinance Committee Meeting Update


Tourism Council KIOSK Update


 5.   New Business:


WSLCB Liquor License Renewal Applications – Alpine Brewing and Akins Foods (Attach F)


Lending Hands Storage Box Placement Request (Attach G)


 6.   Other Business:


Department Head Updates


2023 AWC Business Meeting – voting delegates (Attach H)


 7.   Public Comment Period:

 8.   For Your Information:






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