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City Government



Oroville City Council

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

 1.    Call to order.  Pledge of Allegiance.

 2.    Copies of the January 2, 2019 meeting minutes to be read (Attach A)

 3.    Scheduled Appearances:

 Arnie Marchand

         ~ Proposed Proclamation (Attach B)

         ~ 2019 Neighbor Day

 4.    Old Business:

 2019 Committee Appointments (Attach C)

 Election of 2019 Mayor Pro-Tempore

 Business License Update ~ Clerk Denney

 5.    New Business:

 Equitable Sharing Agreement (Attach D)

 Resolution #566 ~ surplus vehicles & equipment (Attach E)

 Sewage Treatment Plant Parts Replacement Quote (Attach F)

 Oroville Library and Community Board letter of interest (Attach G)

 WSLCB Renewal Applications Notice (Attach H)

         Hometown Pizza / America's Family Grill / Rancho Grande

 6.    Other Business:

 7.    For Your Information:

 Oroville Police Department Activity Report for 2018 (Attach I)





 Current Budget